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Explore this section for solutions to frequently asked questions and additional details about our products. If your inquiry isn’t covered here, feel free to reach out to us for assistance.


Creating a 2B Played Music account is not a self-service option. An account can only be generated during the product purchase process via the checkout page.
If you do not possess an account, it’s likely that you made a purchase with us using the “guest checkout” option. If this is the case, you’ll need to utilize the initial order email to access your product downloads or updates.
All updates are shared exclusively via our newsletter. To receive these updates, subscribing to the newsletter is necessary. Additionally, you can access the “Additional information” tab on any product page. Here, you’ll consistently find the current live version number.
If a new version is indeed available, you can proceed to download it using the provided link in your initial order email. In the event that you opted to establish an account during purchase, you can effortlessly acquire the update by logging in and navigating to the “Orders | Downloads” tab.
Upon the release of an update, 2B Played Music promptly ensures its availability to resellers. Feel free to approach your reseller and request access to the update. The procedure for this may vary across different resellers. If you wish, you can reach out to your reseller directly to inquire about the process for obtaining the update.
Currently, the option to register products acquired from other sources within your existing 2B Played Music account is not available.
Certainly, you have the option to transfer your plug-in to another user. However, kindly be aware that this is applicable exclusively to our VST3/AU plug-ins. To initiate the transfer process, please reach out to us via the contact page. In order to facilitate the transfer, we require the following details: the order number associated with the product you intend to transfer, the email address, zip code, and country of origin of the new user. It’s important to note that there is a transfer fee involved for the original user. The transfer cost amounts to EURO 5.00 per plug-in. We’re here to guide you through this process and ensure a seamless transition.
We’re thrilled to share that all of our plug-ins are fully compatible with macOS Sonoma.
Yes there is! To qualify: Your blog or website must attract a minimum of 1000 daily visitors. Your social media presence, be it on YouTube, Facebook, or Instagram, should boast at least 1000 subscribers. You must operate as a legitimate business entity, capable of sending and receiving invoices. Please note: We are currently allowing limited registrations. SUBSCRIBE
We make careful considerations for our partner (affiliate) program. To qualify: Your blog or website must attract a minimum of 1000 daily visitors. Your social media presence, be it on YouTube, Facebook, or Instagram, should boast at least 1000 subscribers. You must operate as a legitimate business entity, capable of sending and receiving invoices. Additionally, please note that we have limited openings for new partners. However, it’s possible you were declined if your presentation (or website) doesn’t align with our values or identity. Ultimately, the decision rests with us. No further discussion is entertained.


Have you encountered an error message stating that your license is invalid while installing your plug-in? Rest assured, this is likely not the case. Often, license numbers are copied and pasted, which can inadvertently include unwanted characters before or after the license itself. This might lead to rejection of the license. Additionally, it’s possible that a firewall on your computer could be obstructing the installation process. Before reaching out to us for support, we kindly request you to follow these steps: 1. Re-download the installer for your plug-in. 2. Manually input the license, being cautious of capital letters and dashes. 3. Double-check that there are no firewall restrictions impacting the installation process. By adhering to these steps, you’ll likely find that the issue is resolved smoothly. Your seamless installation experience is just a few steps away.
Following your purchase, an email titled ‘Your Order is Now Complete’ will be sent to you by us. This email encompasses the license number(s) associated with the products you’ve purchased. It’s advisable to safeguard this email for future reference. In the event that you’ve established a personal account in conjunction with your order, you can also retrieve the license key on the ‘My Account’ page. Simply access your order details through the “Orders | Downloads” tab to locate the license key.
This message typically surfaces on older Windows builds. The reason behind this is the requirement to activate TLS 1.1 and TLS 1.2 as the default secure protocols in WinHTTP within the Windows environment. Our installer employs the latest security protocols for seamless communication with the license server, prioritizing security. For older Windows versions, rectifying this error necessitates applying the latest Microsoft update that addresses this issue. Step 1: First make sure you have installed the Microsoft KB3140245 update for your system by following THIS LINK. Restart your system afterwards. Step 2: Install the ‘EasyFix’ provided by Microsoft to be sure Windows uses the right TLS security settings. Follow THIS LINK. Restart your system afterwards. Following these steps, your system should be fully operational. For more comprehensive insights, refer to Microsoft support.
When Windows SmartScreen appears, it often labels the app you intend to install as unrecognizable. Consequently, the filter provides only one action button: “Don’t run.” This single option is deliberately presented by Microsoft to deter users from executing potentially untrusted applications. However, if you are using the installer downloaded directly from our official website, you can proceed securely. Simply locate the ‘More info’ link situated at the conclusion of the cautionary message. By clicking this link, a new window will emerge, revealing an additional option: “Run anyway.” Clicking this option gives you the green light to proceed. The installation process will then commence as usual, ensuring a seamless experience.
It appears that the product has been installed more times than permitted using the same license key. This situation might arise due to various reasons, such as acquiring a new computer or encountering theft. We kindly ask you to get in touch with us regarding this notification.
To begin, we suggest restarting your computer to check if the plug-in functions properly afterward. Should the issue persist, we advise referring to your DAW’s user manual. This resource will guide you on how to rescan the plugins folder to include newly installed plug-ins.
Throughout the installation process, the installer program establishes an internet connection to verify your license code.
You have the authorization to install your purchased plug-ins on two devices that you own.
For Windows compatibility and optimal functionality, our plugins require certain essential support files known as the “Visual C++ Redistributable Package.” In many cases, these files are already present on your computer. If they are not, they simply need to be installed once on each PC that utilizes our plug-ins. Download Link: Microsoft Visual C++ Redistributable latest supported downloads.
This indicates that the plug-in is no longer under maintenance and is not available for purchase. EOL stands for End of Life, which essentially means it has been discontinued.


To address this issue, kindly empty your shopping cart of all products. Subsequently, re-add the desired items and input your coupon code. If the coupon code still doesn’t function as expected, please don’t hesitate to reach out to us. We’d be delighted to provide you with a payment link that reflects the accurate discounts.
You can input a coupon code in the cart. Simply click on the cart located in the top menu, and there you can apply your coupon code.
Kindly choose either PayPal or Credit Card as your preferred payment method. Keep in mind that your bank, credit card provider, or PayPal may utilize their own exchange rates during the checkout process.