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Here you can find answers to the most frequently asked questions and other information about our products. If your question is not listed, please contact us.


You cannot create a 2B Played Music account yourself. An account is created as soon as you select that you want to create an account when purchasing a product via www.2bplayed.com/shop.
We communicate all updates through our newsletter. You must be subscribed to the newsletter for this. You can also click on the tab: Additional information on any product page. Here you can always find the version number that is currently live.
Yes, we offer 30% educational discount on our plug-ins. You can apply for educational discount by sending us proof of the fact that you are a music student or music teacher. (like a scanned student card, contract or enrollment letter). Please make sure that your photo, personal identification numbers, official document numbers and/or card numbers are masked or made illegible for privacy reasons. Sometimes it helps to know that you cannot use an education discount on top of existing sale or coupon promotions. Please contact us: contact@2bplayed.com
We are always working on new ideas and we will notify you via the newsletter and our website as soon as we have a new product available.
Yes, if you want to transfer your plug-in to another user, you can. Please note, only our VST/VST3/AU plug-ins are transferable. Please contact us via the contact page. We need the order number along with the product you wish to transfer. We also need the e-mail address, zip code and country of origin of the new user. We charge the original user a transfer fee. The transfer costs are EURO 5.00 per plug-in.
Then you don’t have an account. It is possible that you have placed an order with us as “guest checkout”. In that case, you must use the original order email to download your product or update.


Do you get a message that your license is not valid during the installation of your plug-in? We are sure this is not the case. License numbers are often copied and pasted. This may create unwanted characters before or after the pasted license. This may result in your license being rejected. It is also possible that the installation is blocked by a firewall on the user’s computer. Before contacting us, we would like to ask you to enter the license manually. Pay attention to capital letters and dashes. And last but not least, make sure that the installation is not blocked by a firewall. You will see, everything is fine.
After purchase you will receive an ‘Your order is now complete’ e-mail from us. This also contains your license number(s) for the purchased product(s). So keep this e-mail safe. If you have created a personal account with your order, you can also find the license key on the ‘My Account’ page by viewing your order details on the orders tab.
You usually receive this message only on very old Windows builds. You recieve this message because you need to enable TLS 1.1 and TLS 1.2 as default secure protocols in WinHTTP in Windows. Our installer uses the latest security protocols to talk to the license server. Simply because this is more secure. Older versions of Windows must be updated with the latest fix from Microsoft to update its settings and solve this error message. Step 1: First make sure you have installed the Microsoft KB3140245 update for your system by following THIS LINK. Restart your system afterwards. Step 2: Install the ‘EasyFix’ provided by Microsoft to be sure Windows uses the right TLS security settings. Follow THIS LINK. Restart your system afterwards. You are all set now. For more in depth information you can visit Microsoft support.
During installation, the installation program connects to the internet to check your license code.
You may install your purchased plug-ins on 2 machines that you own.
You have tried to install the product more than allowed with the same license-key. Of course this can occur by, for example, purchasing a new computer or by theft. Please contact us with this notification.
First of all, it is wise to restart your computer to see if the plug-in works afterwards. If not, we recommend that you consult the user manual of your DAW. Find here how you can rescan the plugins folder to add freshly installed products.
On Windows, for our plug-ins to work right, they need some common support files called the “Visual C++ Redistributable Package”. These need to be installed only once on each PC that uses our plug-ins. Link: Get Visual C++ Redistributable Packages (Visual Studio 2015, 2017 and 2019).
When Windows SmartScreen appears it usually says the app you want to install is unrecognized. The filter then leaves you with only one button to push: Don’t run. By showing only one option, Microsoft hopes to prevent the majority of users from running untrusted apps. You still can proceed safely if you are using the installer downloaded from our website. Click the ‘More info’ link at the end of the warning paragraph. When you click that, you then see a window with a new option: Run anyway. Click that, and you’re all set. The program will start installing as normal.


A coupon code can be entered in the cart. Click on cart in the top menu. Here you can redeem your coupon code.
Please select PayPal or Creditcard as the payment method. Please note that your bank, Creditcard provider or PayPal will apply their own exchange rates at checkout.