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Available in VST2 and VST3 format for Windows | AU for macOS


2B Distorted is an extreme powerful distortion/clipping plug-in made by 2B Played Music. We created the plug-in specially for producers who are concerned with producing the harder styles of dance music.

Still, this distortion / clipping plug-in is also ideal for creating distorted effect sounds or that edgier sound on vocals, synths and string instruments such as guitars in the pop / rock genre. It is up to your creativity.

When creating the factory presets we focused on creating great starting points for Hardstyle and Rawstyle kicks. With this, the plug-in comes into its own with all its possibilities.

We were determined to take a different approach to our plug-in than what is already on the market. In addition, we really wanted to give our plug-in its own sound. Fortunately, all of that worked. We have created an advanced filter and distortion / clipping system with the most anticipated options in it as well as some unique options such as our “SYM Boost” technology. We have also expanded our plug-in with our vision of how such a plug-in should be.

That means we’ve done our best to reduce the number of steps it takes a producer to create an advanced distorted signal (When creating Hardstyle or Rawstyle kicks as example).

To give a good example of what’s possible, we include a dry kick sample with your purchase, along with over 50 creative presets. This really gives you an inspiration boost to get to know all the possibilities of the plug-in.

Because the possibilities are almost endless, we are genuinely curious about what you can get out of it. 


2B Distorted uses an easy to follow interface, with clear and simple descriptions. We’ve done our best to make the knobs and buttons as intuitive as possible.

You can operate the round knobs with high precision by holding down the ctrl (Windows) or cmd (macOS) key while changing the values with your mouse. Of course you can also manually enter the desired values by clicking on a knob while holding the alt or option key.

2B Distorted has two graphical ADSR panels to process the signal before and after the distorted chain. To control these settings more precisely, you can open an extra panel for each ADSR.


We understand how important it is to have good a-symmetrical distortion when creating loud music styles. In addition to being able to adjust the symmetry of the signal, we have taken this one level higher. We have given you the opportunity to lift the adjusted symmetry from the signal. We call this technology ‘SYM Boost’. This technology creates distortions that are unique and give you just that little bit more to push that rough edge of your creation forward.

In addition to this technology, we have also added the ability to make your sound even more unique by applying a waveshaper to the signal. This is a kind of distortion synthesis where complex spectra are produced from simple tones by changing the shape of the waveforms.

By combining the ‘SYM Boost’ technology with our advanced waveshaper, you can produce distorted signals that were previously difficult to achieve in existing plug-ins.

Feature Highlights

  • Low and High Pass Filter
  • Resonance Control
  • 4 Filter Types
  • HQ Peak Filter
  • Peak Q-Factor Control
  • Input Control
  • Distortion Control
  • Distortion Boost
  • 3 HQ Distortion Types
  • Dry / Wet Control
  • High Shelving EQ
  • 2 X ADSR Control
  • Symmetry Control – A-Symmetrical Distortion
  • Symmetry Boost – ‘SYM Boost’ Technology
  • Advanced Waveshaper
  • Clip Control
  • LP Output Filter, DC Filter
  • Gain Control / Oversampling up to 16X

“Today’s music productions often rely heavily on creative applications of distortion, saturation, and clipping. And 2B Played’s 2B Distorted is perfectly suited to implement these effects.”

System Requirements

PC Version (Windows)

  • Windows 11 / 10 / 8 / 7 with Visual C++ Redistributable Package
  • Intel Core i3 or AMD multi-core processor (Intel Core i5 or faster recommended)
  • 1366 x 768 display resolution (1920 x 1080 or higher recommended)
  • 1 GB RAM (4 GB or more recommended)
  • 1 GB free HD space
  • A host application that is compatible with (64 bit) VST , VST3
  • Internet connection required during installation

MAC Version (macOS)

  • macOS 10.14, 10.15, 11.0, 12.0.1 or higher
  • 1 GB free HD space
  • A host application that is compatible with (64 bit) Audio Units
  • Mac models with Apple Silicon require an Apple Rosetta 2 compatible host.
  • Internet connection required during installation


Available in VST2 and VST3 format for Windows | AU for macOS

All audio samples are based on the included dry factory kick sample. No additional plug-ins, effects or edits have been applied.

Our products contain a low learning curve and an easy understandable interface, without complicated language. Don't waste precious time, and have more time to be creative.
2B Played Music