2B Played Music

Easy-to-use mixing and mastering tools.

Plug-in Overview

2B Saturated

2B Saturated deserves a place in your daw to increase the perceived loudness of your tracks and, even better… to provide your bass, drums, guitars, leads or vocals with crisp analog tape or tube emulated saturation. Fatten up, and add harmonics to your sounds…


Warble is an advanced fx, delay and reverb plugin where the delayed signal and part of the reverb signal are controlled by smart oscillators. The plug-in consists of 2 reverb engines so that the “warble” and  oscillator controlled signals can be separated in terms of size and strength from the output reverb signal…

2B Clipped 3

2B Clipped 3 is the right tool to provide your guitar leads, basslines, synth leads, kicks, percussion and maybe even vocals with unique analog clip distortion.
For 2B Clipped 3 we built 2 clip distortion engines with different analog characters. In addition to the gain and mix knob, we have added a low pass and high pass filter to specify exactly which part of the sound you want to distort…

LowEnd Friend

LowEnd Friend is your new and tube driven mixing and mastering tool. This advanced tool gives you full control over the low frequencies of the individual tracks in your mix or the “Low End” character of your master.
LowEnd friend automatically uses the so-called “push pull” technology that you can also find with, for example, the well-known Pultec equalizers…

Filter Friend

Welcome Filter Friend by 2B Played Music.
Filter Friend is here to help you create your creative quick filter effects. You can use Filter Friend to create great simple creative sweep effects,
But to really let Filter Friend come into its own, you can make use of all the advanced timing-related filter effects, the different filter types, filter strengths, filter waveforms, the distortion options and the built-in eq…

2B Crushed

2B Crushed is the most transparent sounding and easy to operate bitcrusher you can find.
The bitcrusher sounds excellently clear, and can almost be operated with 1 large rotary knob.
The crusher works completely stepless. As extras a peak limiter, a drive option, a high quality low and high pass filter, and the crush booster have been added. With the latter you can multiply the bitcrusher strength…

2B Controlled

2B Controlled is a powerful dynamic stereo / mid / side frequency processor / enhancer.
2B Controlled is built to help you;
-Enhance your track/kick low end
-Enhance mid/side frequencies
-Control and enhance stereo frequencies
-Enhance vocals/drums/bass
-High pass track parts while keeping them strong
-Control your master stereo/mid or side frequencies
How does it work…