2B Played Music

Easy-to-use mixing and mastering tools.

Plug-in Overview

2B Filtered [Legacy Series]

2B Filtered, is a creative, advanced “State Var” filter plug-in that allows the filter cut-off frequency to be controlled manually, and/or by the added LFO.
It is possible to set the LFO to various fixed values, or to make the choice to operate it manually.
You can make a selection between 5 filter envelopes. Sine, Wave, Ramp, Triangle or Pulse…

2B Delayed [Legacy Series]

2B Delayed is a so-called “Creative Stereo Delay” with advanced ducking options.
The plug-in is derived from its little brother, 2B Delayed Classic.
The signal flow is built to extensively manipulate the audible delay with the advanced filtering and distortion technology we’ve developed for our plug-in series.