2B Played Music

Easy-to-use mixing and mastering tools.

Plug-in Overview

2B Delayed Classic

2B Delayed Classic is a so-called “Creative Stereo Delay” with advanced creative manipulation capabilities.
The signal flow is built to extensively manipulate audible delay with the advanced filter, reverb and distortion technologies we developed for our plug-in series.
You can set the delay time independently for the left and right channels, set the feedback strength, use the low-pass or high-pass filter to pass exactly the part of the sound you want, apply distortion and create atmosphere by adding luscious reverb…

2B Reverbed

2B Reverbed is a mix reverb plug-in with which you can give your lead synths, drums and percussion, but also your vocals, just what it takes to make it fit into your overall mix.
It is up to you whether you choose a short or a long tail, and a clear or dark sound color of the reverb tail. Make your sounds wider to make them fit better to the stereo image of your mix…

2B Shaped

2B Shaped is a powerful multi-fx shaper plugin where you can choose from 6 powerful effects without even switching plugins. You can choose from a volume shaper, a panning shaper, filter shaper, delay shaper, reverb shaper and last but not least a distortion shaper. You can shape the volume or panning of your audio, but you can also use the shapes you create as a delay, reverb, distortion, or an elaborate filter effect…

2B Shaped - Filter Edition

2B Shaped – Filter Edition is a powerful audio effect filter that reacts to the shapes you create with the advanced spline editor. 
The filter has 4 different filter types. Low Pass, High Pass, Band Pass and Band Reject.
You can also choose from two different filter strengths. The filter has been expanded with a musical distortion filter, to give your sounds just that rough edge it needs…

2B Distorted

2B Distorted is an extreme powerful distortion/clipping plug-in made by 2B Played Music. We created the plug-in specially for producers who are concerned with producing the harder styles of dance music.
Still, this distortion / clipping plug-in is also ideal for creating distorted effect sounds or that edgier sound on vocals, synths and string instruments such as guitars in the pop / rock genre. It is up to your creativity…